Nieuws III

[CSI]Monday: Erik Proper, 9 Mei 2004
Mon May 10 2004 at 16:00:00 sharp,

prof. Erik Proper

of the IRIS group of the NIII will give a talk in CZN8. There will be coffe=e=20in the hall 15 minutes before the talk starts.

Rode Draad: Exacte Vaagheid 2 Domain Modelling; Anchoring semantics in information=20 systems development

This presentation focuses on domain modelling and its role in the developme=nt=20of information & knowledge systems. We define domain modelling as the=20activities involved in obtaining and modelling the language (concepts,=20terminologies; ontologies) used by stakeholders to discourse about a domain.

Achieving conceptual clarity and consensus among stakeholders is an importa=nt=20yet often neglected part of modelling activities in system development.=20During system development, a myriad of models may be produced, ranging from==20high level sketches of the problem, via informal/formal requirements, to=20designs at several levels of technical detail. Underlying each of these=20models, a domain model can be discerned, comprising the concepts (domain=20concepts) featuring in the model. The different models used during system=20development need to be communicated with different stakeholders, ranging fr=om=20problem owners, contract authorities, perspective users, domain experts, to==20software engineers and system administrators. This puts an extra burden on==20task of domain modelling as a shared understanding must be reached of the=20concepts involved.=20

In this presentation we will investigate the importance of domain modelling==20and its role during system development. Based on this we will pose some=20challenges that we regard as essential in improving the awareness for and=20practice of domain modelling in a system development context.=20

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Thom, 15-Juli-2013 15:24:
Vakantie 1!!1!111one1!
Ko, 06-Mei-2013 22:42:
En toen zat het karten alweer vol...
BataKoning, 28-April-2013 20:26:
Geen Thalia bij de bata dit jaar? Jullie hebben een dik feest gemist.
Ko, 04-April-2013 14:08:
Er staat een nieuwe poll klaar! Log in en laat je stem horen. :)
Thom, 02-April-2013 15:30:
De foto's van Ramon staan eindelijk op de website!
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