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At Optiver we're not about suits, we're not about ties and we're not about red tape.

Optiver is an international and innovative proprietary trading firm. We deal in highly-automated electronic market making and arbitrage activities. With offices in Amsterdam, Chicago and Sydney, employing 600 talented individuals from over 30 nationalities, we trade in more than 20 countries, across 5 continents, 24 hours a day.

Although market making and arbitrage are our core activities, we rely heavily on our IT expertise and excellent Business Operations support. We recognise that only the very latest hardware and software will ensure fast and reliable connections with option exchanges worldwide. Our success is the result of our continuous attention to innovation, and we aim to always stay ahead of the technology curve.

Our Culture
Optiver's unique culture is one of our most valuable assets: we are result-driven, open and informal, team-based, ambitious and exceedingly flexible, whilst striving for professionalism within all our departments.

For our IT department we are scouting for talented final-year students and recent graduates in an IT related field of study, such as Computer Science, IT Engineering, Informatics, Business Engineering or similar. We offer graduate positions in Software Development and Application Engineering.

You will work in a superb high-tech learning environment with Unix-, Network-, Windows- and Software Development experts.

How to apply
Apply directly via our website For more information, contact recruitment on +31 20 70 87 000 or email . Current vacancies can be found here.


a.s. dinsdag - 15:30 tot 21:00
a.s. woensdag - 22:30 tot a.s. donderdag - 04:00
Open Thaliafeest
a.s. zaterdag - 19:00
Bezoek aan het tehuis voor bejaarde computers
di 02 jun 2015 - 12:30 tot 13:30
Lunchlezing Info Support
do 04 jun 2015 - 09:00 tot 16:00
do 04 jun 2015 - 16:00 tot 21:00
zo 07 jun 2015 - 23:59
Deadline Thabloid #5

Binnenkort jarig.

Rodin Aarssen
Tim van den Hanenberg
Sven Arissen
Wesley Janssen
Nikki van der Gouw
Emma Gerritse
Jeroen van Alem


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Thom, 15-Juli-2013 15:24:
Vakantie 1!!1!111one1!
Ko, 06-Mei-2013 22:42:
En toen zat het karten alweer vol...
BataKoning, 28-April-2013 20:26:
Geen Thalia bij de bata dit jaar? Jullie hebben een dik feest gemist.
Ko, 04-April-2013 14:08:
Er staat een nieuwe poll klaar! Log in en laat je stem horen. :)
Thom, 02-April-2013 15:30:
De foto's van Ramon staan eindelijk op de website!
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